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In ’The Palm Oil Miracle’, Dr. Bruce Fife reviews recent medical research conducted on Palm Fruit Oil. Although much of the recent findings are truly extraordinary,  the average health conscious consumer knows little about this oil. Dr. Bruce Fife also unlocks extroidinary ancient health and beauty secrets of Virgin Red Palm Oil.

In this clear and well researched  book Dr.Bruce Fife illustrates the amazing medicinal potentials available in Virgin Red Palm Oil.

Did you know Red Palm Fruit Oil is considered the highest vegetable source of CoQ10 and tocotrienol?

Do you know about he extraordinary health benefits associated with Tocotrienols?

Did you know Red Palm Fruit Oil is the richest dietary source of the beautiful skin vitamins,Vitamin E and Beta-Carotene? You can learn all this and much more in this clear and well researched book.


Anita Couper MHSc.





The Palm Oil Miracle, Dr. Bruce Fife