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Elaeis Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is organically grown and harvested from Certified Organic Coconut Palms in our nearest neighbouring country Papua New Guinea.  The coconut oil is crafted from organic coconuts grown by both independent farmers and thriving wild ecosystems.​ Our Organic Virgin Coconut Oil has traveled less food miles than any other Coconut Oil in Australia. Raw 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Wild harvested, pure and delicious . Elaeis Coconut Oil is produced, completely free from chemicals.The entire cold pressing process of the Virgin Oil is done gently and carefully. This minimal method of processing ensures that all the natural goodness and composition of vitamins, minerals and medium chain fatty acids are retained, as well as the delicious fresh, pure coconut essence and flavour.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 750ml X3 Jars

  • Elaeis Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is Non Refined, Bleached or Deodorized. It is completely free from GMO ingredients, contains No Trans Fat, contains No Cholesterol and is a Non Hydrogenated Oil.

    Elaeis Organic Coconut Oil is produced in the wild, undisturbed and  unpolluted regions of beautiful Papau New Guinea.

    Only fresh, hand- harvested coconuts, grown from Certified Organic coconut palms used.The entire cold pressing process is done gently and carefully, without any chemical additives, keeping our oil amazingly fresh, pure and delicious!

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