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Maji salve contains powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, healing  and soothing ingredients.  Maji salve may aid in relieving inflammation and irritation to the skin.  The healing salve may be beneficial  for bites, stings, scratches & abrasions. The potent anti-bacterial ingredients may benefit or aid in the prevention of skin infections. 

We are always using this our home, we find it very effective!!


Maji healing salve

  • Raw Shae Butter, Mango Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Virgin Palm Oil, Tumeric Essential Oil, Raw Australian Manuka Honey & Pure Paw Paw Essence.

    Virgin Coconut Oil- Strong anti-bacterial & anti-fungal  properties.

    Organic Virgin Palm Oil- Highly anti-inflammatory, up there with Tumeric.  Loaded with Vitamin E.  May aid in reducing scarring.

    Tumeric Essential Oil- Highly anti-inflammatory.  Powerful anti-bacterial activity.

    Raw Australian Manuka Honey - High  anti-bacterial  activity. Soothing & healing properties.

    Paw Paw Essence- High Levels of Vitamin C.  Loaded with anti-oxidants and minerals.  Healing and soothing properties.  Anti - inflammatory.