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Vitamin E for healthy hearts

According to a study conducted through the World Health Organization , in 1994, by Simopoulos,A.P. the best predictor of the risk of a heart attack turned out to be ‘low levels of Vitamin E’, the lower the level being the greater risk. According to this study Vitamin E status has a much greater impact on heart health than cholesterol levels.....Numerous studies over recent years have confirmed that dietary intake of Vitamin E decreases the risk of coronary heart disease by as much as 50%, (thats pretty good). Years ago Lady Cilento talked about the importance of Vitamin E for heart health, I know I refer to her often , but she was such a pioneer in her field of practice as a Medical Docter. Lady Cilento acclaimed Vitamin E as a means to keep the heart healthy. She wrote that Vitamin E can maintain the free separate movements of the blood platelets and prevent abnormal clotting. Moreover, she states that Vitamin E can also dissolve recent clots and the scar tissue that so often hardens the artery walls and narrows them. Well once again Virgin Palm Fruit Oil wins out.......Virgin Palm Oil is loaded with an extremely bio-available source of Vitamin E, why, because Vitamin E can only be absorbed in the presence of dietary fat.......doesn't nature do it point taking a supplement of Vit E (there is no fat inside the capsule). Just another reason why I love nutrient dense Virgin Palm Fruit Oil!

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