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Violets are so pretty!

Well this year I have enjoyed more gardening time than usual and it appears that lots of Aussies have headed to the garden - I'd have to say I don't mind having to stay at home!! One of my little favourites is the native violet. I have planted it around my vegetable garden in baskets and cut off tree trunks. It loves lots of water and I have mine in semi shade as the hot summer sun in Queensland seemed too much for these sweet little plants. My native violet loves to wander and trails gracefully down the baskets, the delicate flower is edible and my violets have flowered all year round, with a few less flowers over winter. The leaves of the native violet are edible and when made into a tea are said to be soothing to a cough or inflamed throat. Both leaves and flowers add a stunning garnish to a salad, the leaves being used as a spinach substitute in bush tucker.

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