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Tumeric shows promise in combating the influenza virus

The influenza virus itself is not what causes such adverse effects on our bodies, rather it is the way our body responds to the virus that actually leads to the potential health problems. The influenza virus causes a dramatic enhancement of the pro-inflammatory immune response, regulated by small protein molecules known as Cytokines. An aggressive, over responsive immune system, can set up a state in the body described as a "cytokine storm." It is the Cytokine Storm that can lead to serious health complications such as Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Pnuemonia and organ failure. This all sounds pretty dismal....but this is where natures healing spice Tumeric comes in.

Tumeric powder is a potent source of the powerful anti-inflammatory - Curcumin. In recent studies Curcumin has been found to down - regulate cytokine production, thus reducing the over reactive immune response. As such Curcumin has the therapeutic potential to relieve the inflammatory immune over response. (isirv, Influenza & Other Respiratory Viruses, 2017, Ser 11 (5): 457-463)

Virgin Red palm Oil boasts dual partnership with Curcumin as another powerful anti-inflammatory.

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