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Natural protection amidst high levels of radiation!

Did you know that certain ingested dietary substances have been found to be effective in mopping up and eliminating free radicals generated by radiation. Squalene, a lipid found in high levels in shark liver oil and red palm oil has been found to do just that! When ingested squalene is carried all throughout the body via the circulatory system. It is therefore able to provide protection against radiation to the entire body. A study by H.M. Storm et al. on the "Radioprotection of mice by dietary squalene," published in Lipids 1993, illustrates this protection dramatically!

The first group of mice were exposed to lethal doses of gamma-irradiation, sadly every single mouse died. A second group of mice were fed squalene and then exposed to the same lethal dose of gamma-irradiation. All of the mice fed squalene survived. This study showed 100% survival rate of irradiated animals fed squalene, pretty impressive results.

Ingestion of squalene would appear to provide health protective properties increasingly advantageous in this current age of technology.

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