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Humble Star Anise- active ingredient for drugs, created to inhibit the action of super viruses

Tamifu is an anti-viral pharmacuetical that became very popular when the Bird Flu Epidemic hit. Did you know that the active ingredient in Tamiflu is the humble Star Anise...

Star Anise is the main source of Shikmic acid. Shikmic acid is used in anti - viral pharmacueticals, such as Tamiflu. Shikmic acid has powerful anti - viral activity and as such, Tamiflu is the world’s most widely-used antiviral pharmacuetical for super viruses such as swine flu, bird flu, and also the common winter flu.

"As the influenza pandemic continues to mount as a threat to global health, the demand for Star Anise is on the rise". Healthline, Asley Hill Rd, Oct 12, 2018.

Star Anise has a sweet, almost vanillarish deep warm spicy flavour, with just a little hint of licourice. This winter I have been using Star Anise in my raw chocolate, chia puddings, spicy sourdough fruit buns and I am loving my delicious chia tea using Star Anise. You could also add it to curries or any sweet baking.

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