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elaeis... for a good night sleep

Check out our new Sleep Well range; includes a sleep well oil, body bar and RAWbody butter. The moisturising oils and butters in this range combine with Medicinal Frankincense, Ylang Ylang & Lavender to form a powerful blend of sleep enhancing products.

May encourage and enhance peaceful thoughts throughout the day, reduce anxious thoughts, calm emotions after a stressful day and help induce high quality sleep patterns.

Perfect to soothe and settle children and may aid in the reduction of night terrors.

Additional calming benefits may be experienced when all three products are used in combination.

40% Off for the month of May on all skin care, including the Sleep Well range, just visit and use coupon code RAWskincaresale to receive your discount!

Powerful Blend of essential oils:

Medicinal Frankincense Essential Oil: Known as the "King of Essential Oils", Frankincense may promote a powerful calming action to brain electrical pathways, enhancing relaxation and may aid in the reduction of anxious thoughts , anger and negative emotions. Encouraging peace and mindfulness, improving sleep quality. Perfect to be added to a night time skin care routine.

In addition frankincense helps to strengthen the skins defence mechanisms against bacteria, build the immune system and has been used to tone and beautify the skin. Aiding in the reduction of skin blemishes and boasting strong anti-oxidant qualities.

Lavender & Essential Oil : Gentle calmative. Calms nervous tension. Anti-inflammatory. Promotes sleep

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: May aid in the reduction of anxious thoughts, elevate mood, reduce stressful feelings and produce a sense of calm.

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