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Ducks, we love them!

If you are looking at getting some ducks Khaki Campbells are great egg layers and so friendly. We adore our little brood of ducks. We bought seven Kahaki Campbell ducklings last year, thinking that they were a breed that wouldn't wander too far away and would lay well. Low and behold every duckling turned out to have the curled tail feather - all seven - boys!! We kept one and gave the rest away. Our boy "Puddles", is very handsome indeed.

We already had a female "Apple Quack" who is a cross between a Pecan and an Indian Runner. Last spring our pair of ducks hatched a little female duckling, "Apple Splash". This year both mother and daughter are laying very well.

Every morning my little girls go down and let out our ducks, they fossick through the nest and there carefully hidden under the straw are 2 beautiful big greeny, blue duck eggs. Duck eggs are higher in protein than chicken eggs and make the best muffins and cakes. If you have a dam or creek, ducks make wonderful pets. Ours spend their days either swimming in our creek or with head down in the muddy sides. They love a cuddle and come in as soon as they hear their call. My children adore them.

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