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65 and 75 year olds immune systems acting like those of a 40 year old.

Many of the health benefits of Virgin Red Palm Oil are attributed to the vitamins this oil contains. Virgin Palm Oil boasts the highest known concentrations of both Carotenes and Vitamin E.

As we age immune cells become less efficient and reduce their effectiveness in protecting our bodies. Vitamin E is a well-known immune booster. Jeffrey Blumberg, a human nutritionist at Tufts University tested the effects, of ingesting additional Vitamin E, on the immune system of healthy older people. In a short four month study, varying amounts of Vitamin E were added to volunteers' diets. Although Blumberg theorized that Vitamin E would produce a positive effect on the aged immune systems, he was startled by his results. The responses of the 65 and 75 year olds immune systems was amazing their immune systems were acting more like those of a 40 year old.

I regularly send my mum Virgin Palm Oil, its a great healthy gift to send to elderly people who dont 'need' anything!

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