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4 weeks to a healthier heart!!

I consume Virgin Palm Oil daily for its amazing health benefits. I always say, "if I could only take one food for its health preventative and restorative properties it would be Organic Virgin Palm oil". The Virgin Oil provides an extreme anti-oxidant hit in a bio-available form that our bodies can easily absorb and may provide amazing health benefits.

Recent studies have confirmed that Vitamin E rich Virgin Palm Oil reduced platelet stickiness and blood clot formation.

In a recent study on Virgin Palm Oil even after only 4 weeks, fibrinolytic risk markers for Cardiac Disease was significantly reduced. No increase in cholesterol was found. Health-promoting effects of red palm oil. January 2017. Nutrition Reviews 75(2)

Another study of women who took Vitamin E were 21% less likely to develop venous thromboembolism than women who did not, however the health benefits doubled to 44% among women who had a history of blood clots. This amazingly shows a greater benefit of blood clot reduction in the population of women that needed it most. This study is found the Sept. 25 issue of the AHA journal Circulation. 2007.

The vitamin E content in Virgin Red Palm Oil is one of the highest of all food sources. Did you know that Vit E can only be absorbed in the presence of fat. Virgin Palm Oil is natures perfect healing, restorative solution!

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