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our story

its a beautiful life...........

Our Story

I was raised on an organic herb farm in country Victoria. I grew up on fresh farm eggs, milk straight from the cow, homegrown vegetables and fruit, and homemade bread. My mother made fresh butter and cheese, ground her own flour and spun wool from our sheep. Herbs were always readily available and mum used them in cooking and teas for their culinary and medicinal qualities. Growing up intertwined in the natural world, I still find it hard to purchase processed food that seems so removed from its source.  I love finding pure, natural wholefoods that are full of nutrients and have high medicinal value. 

My interest in health lead me to study a Bachelor of Health Science, and then I went on to do a Grad Dip and Masters in Health Science majoring in Nutrition and Exercise Science. I enjoyed my studies and worked in these fields for some time until life's journey gave me further reason to seek out medicinal herbs,essential oils and healing foods. Our first baby, a little girl, was born at 24 weeks gestation. This early arrival meant that she has had to face many health challenges. One of the major challenges being a severe allergy to all dairy products, eggs and nuts.  With such a restricted diet I searched for foods that could provide my daughter with her nutritional requirements.That is when I came across Virgin Red Palm Fruit Oil.

I was amazed at this absolute superfood, so incredibly high in Vitamin A and Vitamin E.  As Vitamin E can only be absorbed by the body in the presence of a fat, (which is why Vit E capsules are an inefficient means of absorbing the vitamin). 


Virgin Red Palm is an extremely bio-available source of vitamins to the body. Red Palm Oil gave a boost to our daughters immune system giving her the Vit A she was unable to consume in raw butter. I also found after trying many other natural remedies unsuccessfully, that the Virgin Red Palm Oil combined with Manuka honey, when applied to the skin, soothed and healed severe excema. I was so relieved! Our daughter had been covered (even on her face) in excema.  About this time we also came across Coconut Oil, another wonder oil that was just starting to enjoy some interest in the health food market.  The Coconut Oil further strengthened our daughters immune system. Twelve years later our daughter consumes high amounts of both these oils daily and as a tribute to this has the most beautiful skin! As do all our children...We have endeavored to give our children virgin organic oils of the highest quality.  And it is these oils that we are pleased to make available to you.  

I have enjoyed researching the health benefits of our oils and love using them in my cooking and raw foods and also crafting them into beauty products.  The purity of elaeis oils truly makes for a unique skin care range that is full of natures goodness and contains nothing but raw natural butters and oils combined with natural healing essential oils.

I still enjoy nature and live on a small acreage property in Brisbane with my family, we love our chickens, ducks and little goats. Whenever I get a chance I am in the garden enjoying the amazing outdoor weather that we have here...  you can follow my home activities and find some yummy healthy recipes in my blog. 

Here's to a beautiful life........   

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